2 Ways to Download and Update Samsung Printer Drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Mac

   Outdated, corrupted, damaged or missing Samsung printer driver could cause the disconnection between the computer and your Samsung printer, and then your printer can’t print anything. Therefore, you’d better download and update your Samsung printer drivers regularly to maintain its stable working status.

Samsung Printer Drivers Download and Update on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac

Firstly, you need to know the exact type and model number of your Samsung printers and then manually download the right Samsung printer drivers. Please note that many Samsung printer drivers are not available on their site any more.

Alternatively, you could apply a professional and reliable Samsung printer driver update utility like Driver Talent. It is the easiest and quickest way. If run Windows system on your Mac computer, you could also use this tool to download and update Samsung printer drivers for Mac.

Driver Talent could smartly identify your problematic printer driver in seconds, and then automatically download and install the best-matched Samsung printer driver on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac.

3 Easy Steps to Download and Update Samsung Printer Drivers via Driver Talent

Driver Talent enables you to download all your required Samsung printer driver. You can use this utility to one-click get all Samsung printer drivers in seconds, such as Samsung ML-2160 printer driver, Samsung ML-1610 printer driver, Samsung SCX-3401 printer driver, Samsung SCX-3400 printer driver, Samsung ML-1866 printer driver, Samsung CLX 3170 printer driver, Samsung ML-1676 printer driver, Samsung ML-2161 printer driver, Samsung ML-2020 printer driver, Samsung ML-2165 printer driver, Samsung ML-2070 printer driver, Samsung ML-2010 printer driver, etc.

Click the button below to get Driver Talent directly.

Follow the 3 easy steps below to download and update Samsung printer drivers.

1. Scan Your PC

Launch Driver Talent. Click “Scan” to identify your Samsung printer driver issue.

scan samsung printer drivers

2. Download and Install Samsung Printer Drivers

Click “Peripheral drivers”, you will enter the “Peripheral Drivers” menu to install the Samsung printer driver. The exact Samsung printer driver will display. Click “Install” to install the most compatible Samsung printer drivers.

install samsung printer driver

3. Restart Your PC

Restart your PC after the installation of the updated Samsung printer driver is finished.

Note: Besides Samsung printer driver download and update, Driver Talent comes with other premium features, such as drivers backup, drivers restore, system restore, drivers pre-download for another PC, PC Repair, hardware detection, VR support check and PC speed up, etc.

Samsung Network Printer Driver

If you want to install a Samsung network printer on your computer, you must downloaded samsung printer driver.

The Most Common Samsung Printer Drivers

Below is a list of the most comment Samsung printer drivers. You can use Driver Talent to download and install all the Samsung printer drivers on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Mac.

Samsung printer drivers for Windows 10

Samsung printer drivers for Windows 8.1

Samsung printer drivers for Windows 8

Lenovo ThinkCentre drivers for Windows 7

Samsung printer drivers for Windows Vista

Samsung printer drivers for Windows XP

Samsung scx 3401 printer driver

Samsung scx 3400 printer driver

Samsung ml 1866 printer driver

Samsung m2020 printer driver

Samsung ml 2165 printer driver

Samsung ml 2160 printer driver

Samsung m2070 printer driver

Samsung ml-2165w printer driver

Samsung ml 1670 printer driver

Samsung scx-3405w printer driver

Samsung ml 1640 printer driver

Samsung ml 1610 printer driver

Samsung printer drivers for Mac

Samsung printer drivers for m2020w

Samsung printer drivers for m2880fw

Samsung printer drivers for m2835dw

Samsung printer drivers for m2070w

Samsung printer drivers for scx 4623f

Samsung printer drivers for ml-2510

Samsung printer drivers for m2070

Samsung printer drivers for m2830dw

Samsung printer drivers for c1860fw

Samsung printer drivers for c460fw

Samsung printer drivers for vc1810w

Samsung printer drivers for c460w

Samsung printer drivers for clp-365

Samsung printer drivers for c460

Samsung printer drivers for c410w

Samsung printer drivers for c430w

Samsung printer drivers for clp-325w

Samsung printer drivers for scx-3401

Samsung printer drivers for ml 2161

Samsung printer drivers download for ml-1666

Samsung printer driver download for scx-4521f

Samsung printer driver download for scx-3400

Samsung printer driver download for scx-3201g