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  There will indeed be a problem if the printer CD that was given when we bought the computer is lost. Often things that we think are simple, we don't want to care about where they are located.

It becomes critical when we want to use the CD for the purpose of installing the printer.

There are some situations that require us to reinstall the printer driver, that is after Windows is in a new format or the driver is lost, as if it is not possible to uninstall the driver.

But don't worry if the printer drivers CD is lost, because on the website of the printer supplier company such as Canon, HP and so on, there is a place for us to download the printer driver software according to the model we use.

If you understand the steps, it will be easy to do. Here I include the website link to download the printer driver according to the company's brand.

I will show you how to download one by one. Please pay close attention to understand what I am saying.

Step 1. Click on the link I put above. It will be displayed as in the picture below.

Download and install the printer drivers

In this space, you enter the type of Windows you use in your computer, If windows 10, you enter Windows 10. Type you choose Driver, Language you can choose BM or BI.

And lastly enter your printer capital type.

Step 2. Let me show you an example of a Printer Driver search for the Paxma G2010 Model.

Download and install the printer drivers

Once the Model you have selected appears as in the picture above. You need to scroll down to find the Download Link for the printer driver.

Click On G2010 Series Full Driver & Software Package

Then Click on the Red Download Button above. The Download Process will start automatically as shown in the picture below.

After completing the download process. You click on the aforementioned file and select Show in Faldor as shown in the picture below.

You will be directly taken to the File Download Folder as shown in the picture below.

Once you have the Printer Driver File that you have downloaded earlier, it is Time to Process Install the Driver into your Computer System.

Here are some simple steps.

Steps to Install the Pixma 2010 Printer Driver.

Step 1.

(This is important) Before that, make sure the connection of your printer to the computer has been done. And turn on your printer. The USB cable has been connected from the printer to your Computer or Laptop.

Double Click on the file you downloaded earlier. Displayed as in the Picture below.

  • Download and install the printer driver
  • Click on Start Setup and Follow the Next instructions.
  • Download and install the printer driver
  • Just follow the simple instructions until Finish. And the printer can be used.

Ok, here's my sharing. Hope it's useful for you.