The following is the definition of affiliate marketing and its benefits

     Hearing the word Affiliate might make you wonder, what exactly is this affiliate activity called, for some people who are just starting blogging activities, of course when they hear this one term they really don't know, but actually Affiliate This marketing is a common thing in the real world, which we usually call Intermediaries / Brokers.

Of course Affiliate Marketing is the cool name of a Broker, Affiliate Marketing is carried out online, just like a broker who introduces products to consumers so that the products being promoted are sold, Affiliate Marketing is the same as we introduce a product from a manufacturer with the aim of selling the product.

There are several things that need to be done to start this Affiliate Marketing Business, namely:

You must have a blog/website to promote a product

You must have an account from a website that provides affiliate services

Customize your content with the product being promoted (Optional)

For the last point it can be optional, because without it your affiliate marketing economic affairs can run, although indeed if your content is in accordance with the product being promoted then your chances of receiving profits will be greater, therefore it is enough to build a blog with an abundance of visitors , the reason is that the chances of making a purchase will be greater.

Then How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

  The way Affiliate Marketing works is not too complicated, we only need to show visitors to affiliate service provider websites, hopefully the more visitors who visit, the greater the chance for transactions to occur, so we receive a commission from every sale, of course the more sales you make. happens that comes from us, then the commission will be directly proportional to the transactions that occur

Not only that, now Affiliate/ Merchant Website service providers provide facilities to their affiliates, they are given a banner to place on their respective websites/blogs where the banner can be resized to be adapted on our respective blogs which of course fits to our taste.

How can the Affiliate Service Provider know the Visitor is coming from you?

It's easy, from the banner that we put up, in fact there is a URL code that represents our account, from each of which the service provider can find out where the visitor is coming from, it's very easy isn't it? Come on, just join us to become affiliate marketing, some of the providers are quite well-known, namely Amazon.

Actually, why does Affiliate Marketing need to exist? A big website, which already has a lot of visitors, why should you provide affiliate services? Yes, the answer to this question is easy, namely to receive even more benefits. They have been kind enough to give commissions to those of us who promote their products, so there's nothing to lose in trying this one.

So much about What is Affiliate Marketing? Here's the explanation!, hopefully useful :)